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On expat life: Home is where your mind is.

I’ve been in China for 3 years now. Do I miss home? You mean France? No, I don’t miss living in France (the cheese, of course, one never gets over that…). Is Shanghai my home now? I thought so at one point, … Continue reading

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La playa in China

Two weeks ago my friend Cecile asked me whether I wanted to go to the beach the following day. In my mind I thought yes! Great! Are we renting a car, taking a bus or what? I was also a … Continue reading

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Thinking of seducing a Shanghainese girl? Think again!

Many people have heard the stereotype surrounding Parisians… Paris would be the best city on earth without the Parisians; Parisians are stylish; Parisians are proud and arrogant; French people outside Paris don’t really like the Parisians; when a Parisian is … Continue reading

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A food-lover’s taunt…

I’m a food lover. I define my travels by the food I eat and definitely remember places by tastes as much as experiences. When I first arrived in Shanghai, I was completely spoilt when it came to food as choice … Continue reading

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