Hole-y shit!

Have you heard of (or seen) China’s crotchless trousers worn by many of the offspring here? You can get somewhat of an eyeful here.

It can be difficult to sympathize with this supposedly hygiene-friendly attire when it comes bobbing past you during your morning commute, its owner munching on sunflower seeds whose shells he spits out at regular intervals on (near) your shoes…

He puts his dirty hands on the germ-ridden metal pole and weighs himself against it, swinging himself around in circles down to the ground, all the while flaunting his butt-crack through his winter-trousers.

He then reaches into a plastic bag lying on the floor filled with packs of snacks and other purchases and draws out a corn cob with his bare hands which he starts munching on.

Last of all, he clambers onto the seat and turns his back to you, reaching his grubby hand out to caress his ugly reflection in the window. And ta-da! Your breakfast suddenly doesn’t sit the same anymore.

Baby bottom

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