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Peaceful view, tumultuous life

I woke up in the middle of the night three days ago. I couldn’t sleep though I was terribly tired. These past weeks have really been a test for me. I have learnt a little more about myself, realised how … Continue reading

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La playa in China

Two weeks ago my friend Cecile asked me whether I wanted to go to the beach the following day. In my mind I thought yes! Great! Are we renting a car, taking a bus or what? I was also a … Continue reading

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Baby bottoms and… Piss

It’s summer, and baby bottoms are sprouting everywhere! On top of that many parents are letting their offspring urinate wherever they see fit. With this heat and humidity, the smell of piss is pretty nauseating, but nobody else bats an … Continue reading

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Ridiculous? I wish dogs could speak…

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A tale of two T-shirts…

This is actually a very popular feat in Shanghai where many couples enjoy flaunting their “coupliness’ in this way. I guess I’ve seen these sorts of match-ups so often now I’m finally starting to find some of them cute (did … Continue reading

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Thinking of seducing a Shanghainese girl? Think again!

Many people have heard the stereotype surrounding Parisians… Paris would be the best city on earth without the Parisians; Parisians are stylish; Parisians are proud and arrogant; French people outside Paris don’t really like the Parisians; when a Parisian is … Continue reading

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A food-lover’s taunt…

I’m a food lover. I define my travels by the food I eat and definitely remember places by tastes as much as experiences. When I first arrived in Shanghai, I was completely spoilt when it came to food as choice … Continue reading

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