Changping lu street life

I’m discovering a little more about my new neighbourhood every day, and loving it more and more! I realised Wednesday evening that it only takes me 15 minutes to bike to People’s square’s Barbarossa bar (for ladies’ night, free cocktails for girls from 9-12pm). I also found that the 10 minute bike ride to work translates as a 30 minute walk, a perfect distance if you ask me!

I’m also a 10 minute walk away from the swish French restaurant Patachon which has a neat rooftop terrasse, and right beside my complex there is the cutest hidden café called The Warehouse Café with a little outdoor space and 30RMB salads/pastas/pizzas which are generously served. The only downer I experienced there was my first “real” tomato juice: pink, pulpy and a little disgusting.

The street life here is intoxicating. Changping Road is vibrant with local life, from street food and vegetable stalls to groups playing cards or mah-jong with the neighbours looking on from all sides. In typical Chinese form, colourful clothes decorate the street side hanging from bamboo poles and blankets are laid out over motorbikes or benches to air in the sun.

I love walking around the area, and couldn’t have moved to a better area! Take a look at the popcorn man, the noodle man, and Changping Road life!

photo photo (4) photo (2) photo (1)

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