Apartment hunting? Apartment jumping!

How difficult is it moving into a new apartment where you are?I wanted to talk about how easy and stress free it is here in buzzing Shanghai.

I remember my first apartment search in Paris. My parents having retired – thus not the ideal guarantors – and my part-time job far off the mark from contributing to a good tenant’s profile, I was often sidestepped by doctors’ and engineers’ offsprings in my depressing home hunt.

I remember having been asked everything short of a urine sample for this miserable little 14m2 apartment on the 6th floor (without lift or buzzer). Though my window opened out onto a wall two meters away which displayed a large pigeon hole oozing with trails of white shit, this was my home! And I was in Paris.

So quick recap: One month worthof apartment visits, falling in love with the ones that I simply was not good enough on paper to get, having to pay my bank a ridiculous amount of money to write a line for me saying they would be my guarantor, ending with an apartment the size of a shed with drainage issues and a fat pigeon I named Charly.

Now let’s move four years forward. Two days ago I got into a row with my ex-boyfriend whom I was still living with (complicated story). We decided it was time to live apart. I got onto Craigslist yesterday and unearthed a little add for a sky rise apartment a 15 minute bike ride away from my work. Photos looked good, price was perfect.

I then biked over there after work and found a cute little complex on Suzhou Creek. I must add here that they have a tennis court downstairs and that’s a huge yes-yes for me!  I met up with the two guys who had advertised for a flat mate and visited a beautiful apartment on the 12th floor with a lush balcony from which behold! A postcard view of the creek and People’s square. The bedroom I was offered has the same view and a decent size for 2100RMB. In my country that converts to… 264 Euros, for you Americans, that’s $343. Might I inform you now of the extortionate 500 Euros I was paying for my Parisian cubby hole.

The best part – or another tweak – is the stress-freeness of it all. I could sum up my apartment searches in Shanghai to: Visit it-like it-say it-move in.

Tonight I am heading there to pay my deposit and this weekend, it’s my new home!

This is my third apartment move in Shanghai, having first moved into a beautiful 19th floor apartment near Nanjing East Road (南京东路), also on Suzhou Creek and with a similarly wonderful view, a rooftop and swimming pool for just 400RMB more a month (still just totaling $400). Yet moving, which I have always associated with stress, time-consumption, annoyance and hell basically, has never been easier. I am excited about discovering yet another part of Shanghai and getting to know new flat mates, an opportunity which came about within 2 days, 0 stress!


享受在上海的生活!(xiǎng shòu zài Shànghǎi de shēng huó!)Enjoy life in Shanghai!

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3 Responses to Apartment hunting? Apartment jumping!

  1. Abby Tsype says:

    Congrats on the move! And the blog 🙂

  2. jeremy says:

    Cool! A new flat! A good reason to come back in Shanghai! 😉

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